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In a continuing effort to best serve our clients and aesthetic patients De Vries Cosmetic Centre is pleased to announce our wellness services.

We are preparing to launch De Vries Wellness soon in an effort to ensure we are up to date and serving our community with the most cutting edge and integrated medical wellness services. Among these services will be bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, a service that will ensure you not only look your best and your most youthful, but also that you feel your best and most youthful. Ageing is a choice.
We will also be offering IV infusions for wellness and preventative maintenance of you as a whole person and will be adding the most innovative and unique infusions seen in the Las Vegas market. Safety is always a priority to us and as such we will not be offering cookie cutter infusions, but rather personalized infusions to ensure your experience and your wellness is what comes first in the safest and most effective manner possible. 

We strongly disagree with the prescribing of medication for weight loss management. We do not think that it is wrong per say but we do feel that barring certain underlying medical conditions, best treated by a specialist in these areas, weight loss is more of an issue of positive changes in behavior coupled with treatments we already offer for stubborn fat, such as our QuantaShape ultrasonic body contouring and cellulite reduction and medically we offer LipoDissolve (mesotherapy injections for body fat). We will be happy to consult with you on all of these as well as guide you on a healthy weight loss journey. We are also offering free advice on the most effective manner we know of to lose weight and we will take consultations for people who struggle and are looking for support as well as answer any questions on our Q&A section and our moderated forum.
For addictions we are looking at implementing the Sinclair Method for alcohol use disorder, this is a method with a success rate for treating alcoholism that is slightly more than 70% as opposed to the far lower percent of success for traditional 12 step programs. You can read about the Sinclair Method on our site.

For poly-substance use disorder and post traumatic stress disorder we are looking at partnering with some facilities that offer cutting edge treatment outside the USA including centers that treat using Ibogaine and cognitive behavioral therapy.

As always we wish all of you the best health, the best wellness and the most unique experience at our facility or elsewhere if we feel that we better serve you by sending you to another facility. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation or answers to any of your questions for wellness, anti-ageing and beauty. We are here to serve you.

Medical Weight Loss Management

In keeping with our ethos and our mission, we do not use medical weight loss management at De Vries Cosmetic Centre. Of course it is a very profitable business and the drugs are out there that you surely, if you are looking to lose weight, have heard about and thought about finding a way to get them. At any local weight loss clinic or medical weight loss clinic and even at your primary care provider you could obtain these pills. But what are they and why do we not cash in on this?
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To get more information about Wellness  services at De Vries Cosmetic Centre please contact us for your free no obligation consultation. As always De Vries Cosmetic Centre strives to bring only the best services to our Las Vegas area clients, call today.

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