Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Why Does Skin Sag?

As we age our production of collagen and elastin decreases dramatically. Collagen and elastin cannot be replaced, it can, however, be activated to respond in many ways. Tightening of the skin can be a surgical or non-surgical intervention. Clearly if you lost 100’s of pounds and have excess skin you will need skin excision to get rid of that extent of extra skin. In instances like these it is like blowing a balloon up and deflating it. If you, for example, blow a balloon up and then quickly let the air out you will note the balloon will return to its normal shape. On the other hand, if you blow a balloon up and leave it there for some time it will forever warm the balloon, this is the same with fat in the human body. With the exception of some people, usually very young people with a lot of collagen, elastin and more forgiving bodies, most people who have lost a lot of weight will require skin excision. That said many people who lose modest amounts of weight or who have loose skin from sun damage or just ageing, we can help with less invasive techniques.

How Does It Work?

The science of skin tightening is far from exact. If anyone knows the secret they are welcome to share it with me, as of yet nothing totally tightens skin in one easy treatment. Skin can be tightened by use of micro-needling, please see the article on micro-needling, or it can be done by thermal means or ablative peels. When I say thermal means I mean we heat the tissue under your skin, in the lower levels of your live skin, dermis, and it in turn activates a response to tighten the elastin coils and produce more collagen. It is not a miracle cure it takes time and patience. The most common way we tighten skin at De Vries Cosmetic Centre, if we are not treating any other underlying issue, is we use our laser and literally “paint” your skin with heat that reaches the dermal layer. You will not feel any real pain but rather will feel warmth. Over a series of treatments we can successfully treat crepe paper skin, fine wrinkles and sagging skin. Alternate ways, including ablative peels, which are most commonly used on the face and rarely the décolleté and hands, or incidental tightening which occurs during QuantaShape treatment or laser hair removal or IPL, which incidentally also treats skin discoloration caused by ageing and sun damage. These are all thermal methods and work quite well.

How We Work?

At De Vries Cosmetic Centre we will evaluate your needs and we will set out a course of treatments that is best for you, your budget and your specific needs. No two people reached the same place for the same reason and no two people react to the same methods the same way. It is important for us to evaluate your skin and ensure that what we are doing with your skin to tighten it is the best means possible for your particular case. You can expect to look years younger and as part of our very mission, we are not into young faces and old bodies, we are here to treat the entire body to defy the ageing process, to beautify from head to toe and most of all to help you be a more beautiful you to you first and foremost because nothing is as beautiful as confidence and when you feel better, you look better.
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