Why You Need Microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion is not the same as microdermabrasion. With dermabrasion it is considered a medical procedure and has become more or less obsolete with the more popular use of lasers and chemical peels. Traditional dermabrasion was used by doctors to literally sand down your face to a point that it could reach the dermis-or live skin-removing imperfections like acne scars for example. Microdermabrasion is a maintenance treatment that exfoliates the epidermis, or outer layer of skin, revealing a fresher skin without all the excess dead skin cells. We all have dead skin cells-that is what the epidermis is. As we age the turnover of these dead skin cells slows down. The dry desert environment in Nevada does no favors to our skin and therefore we recommend frequent maintenance treatments to keep your cell turnover healthy and beautiful.

How Does It Work?

We chose the only patented diamond tip technology, the DT2. Our microdermabrasion machine is the best available on the market and made by the founders of the original diamond tip machine. The reason we use this is because diamond does not wear down nor leave any fragments in your skin. It works by our medical aesthetician choosing the coarseness, depending on your skin type and area being treated and can be used anywhere on your body, face, neck, hands, décolleté or body. It is then run over the area to be treated in a very methodical way. We do both microdermabrasion, purely dry, or we add an infusion. The infusion will depend on the skin type and reason we are treating you. 

No matter what you are being treated for this is one of my personal favorite maintenance regimes and I highly recommended it to all of our patients.

How We Work?

We work on an individual basis. No two people who come in for this treatment come in for the same reason. Some people come in to treat minor blemishes and to get a better texture on their skin, for example someone with oily skin will often need dry microdermabrasion to loosen blackheads and to get rid of excess oil. In this case of an infusion we will use an infusion to dry some of the oil from your skin. If you have dry skin and fine wrinkles, which this is also good for, we will treat you appropriately and use an infusion that moisturizes your skin and nourishes your skin from within.
If you choose to have microdermabrasion prior to a photo facial (with IPL) there are two benefits, firstly we will do solely a dry microdermabrasion and we will do a gentle microdermabrasion. 

By smoothing your skin out it allows us to work on a more even surface, increasing the effectiveness of the IPL treatment. Microdermabrasion is for almost everyone with very few contraindications. It is fast and it is effective in making you glow. It is especially good before a special night out or as a regular maintenance regime for your skin.
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