Micro-needling is done by using a special pen, which come sterile in kits for each patient, and works by causing what we call a controlled injury. The controlled injury in turn works by promoting your own collagen to be stimulated and to expedite turnover rate and fill in scars, correct pigmentation issues, rejuvenate sun damaged skin and generally create a new more beautiful visible skin by stimulating the lower layers of skin to repair damage and in older patients reverse ageing by creating a more powerful blast of collagen than you should have for your age. The basics are that we create a wound in the depths of your skin and a wound reaction occurs and fixes issues on the outer layers of skin.

How Does It Work?

There are two main layers of skin, (many more sub-layers but to simplify it let’s discuss the two main layers), the epidermis, consisting of dead skin cells, this is the skin you see, and the dermis, consisting of live skin cells, this is what is underneath. When we use micro-needling as opposed to other invasive methods, such as ablative peels or laser skin resurfacing or even Botox and fillers, we are aiming to stimulate your dermal, or live layer, of skin to recognize deformities, such as scarring or pitting or even discoloration of the skin, as well as sun damage and wrinkles, and to produce collagen that will remedy these issues. 

Micro needling is beneficial as it can be used on virtually any area and almost any skin type. Each treatment is relatively painless. We apply a topical anesthetic and will go to work on the area to be treated and we do one of several treatments depending on the severity of your issues. Most typically you will need between 3-6 treatments to get the most out of it. All instruments are sterile and we work quickly and as painlessly as possible to create the maximal (2+ mm) of penetration to create the needed controlled damage to get your own body to do what ablative procedures or other invasive procedures would otherwise be needed to achieve the same results.

How We Work?

We use SkinPen by Bellus and we take all universal precautions to ensure you are never contaminated by any prior patient, in fact each patient gets their own kit, this includes a numbing cream, a set of needles to be used only on you and disposed of after use in a hazmat box, and a lotion we use during treatment as well as after treatment to calm your skin. Depending on how deep we need to go to achieve the result we need to achieve you will experience varying amounts of down time. The down time depends on the area being treated and the depth we need to go. More often than not you will experience mild erythema for the first few hours to two days. 

After this you need to keep your skin hydrated. Eventually your skin will start to peel as with a sun burn and the newer and healthier skin will appear. You will first notice a softer skin and slight improvement, which will increase over the next 30 days. Each subsequent treatment should reveal a fresher newer and more beautiful you. After a series of treatments you should see a very significant improvement which is similar, if not better, than invasive methods of treating acne scars, fine lines, crepe paper skin, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, pigment changes, both loss of pigment and hyper, or over pigmented areas, as well as a general rejuvenating effect.
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