Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is pure oxygen that is delivered in a pressurized chamber. At De Vries Cosmetic Centre we chose the Respiro 270 by OxyHealth, the only company approved by the International Olympic Committee. The Chamber itself is very comfortable and as a self confessed claustrophobic, it is not in the least bit as bad as I thought and I have used it quite a bit. The apparatus itself is like a tent that quickly fills with air and you lay comfortably inside with windows out so you can see out. Though you can be heard as well as hear from the inside out, we do give you a two way radio system to communicate with staff at all times and if you desire a member of staff can sit with you throughout your treatment.

What Are its Uses?

At De Vries Cosmetic Centre we chose to incorporate a hyperbaric chamber because it makes sense for any cosmetic centre to do the same. This is without a doubt the number one best way to prevent infection after an ablative skin procedure, like a peel or laser skin rejuvenation of the face as well as lessens erythema (redness) after almost any of the procedures we offer. It has a myriad of additional uses. Athletes use it to optimize their performance, people with sinus issues use it, those with allergies use it, as discussed in wound healing, this is the gold standard to treat difficult wounds or just speed up wound healing. Other approved uses include, air or gas emboli (these are bubbles in the blood), carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene (clostridal myositis and myonecrosis), central retinal artery occlusion, CO2 poisoning as well as CO2 poisoning complicated by cyanide, probably most popularly decompression sickness, crush injury, acute ischemias (an ischemia is inadequate supply of oxygen to an organ, particularly the heart) and compartment syndrome as well as crush injury. Other approved reasons for using a hyperbaric chamber are diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, sudden hearing loss, thermal burns, intracranial abscess, death of soft tissue, known as necrotizing fasciitis, bony necrosis, skin graft or flap failure (to save a graft or flap that is dying), osteomyelitis, and if you have most of these, you will know. Finally there are experimental uses, which are not FDA approved but which look promising include cancer, diabetes, autism, post traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, cerebral palsy, MS, HIV/AIDS and almost any chronic health issue.

How We Work?

At De Vries Cosmetic Centre we will recommend to most of our patients undergoing an ablative procedure or a procedure causing excess erythema (redness) that they undergo at least one session immediately after their procedure. To me this is my own personal insurance against infection as well as ensuring me of a better outcome for all patients. In addition we will book anyone in for a hyperbaric treatment that comes from another clinic without one, especially after plastic surgery, in particular ablative laser or anything likely to cause bruising or swelling. We also gladly accept patients from any other facility or who books for athletic performance, hangover relief, relaxation, or any of the stated or unstated uses. There is absolutely nothing dangerous about a hyperbaric chamber and it is among a favorite that we offer at De Vries Cosmetic Centre.
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