What is PRP ?

PRP is a procedure that has been used successfully for years to heal sports injuries in shoulders, knees and other joints but has gained widespread popularity to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars, sun damage and even dark circles under their eyes, neck and décolletage as well as backs of the hands for the right candidates. The treatment is done by using plasma taken from your blood instead of deep chemical peels, ablative laser or other more invasive procedures life face and neck lifts or use of injectable fillers and toxins. This is one treatment that has literally no side effects as the body is unlikely to reject its own blood as it is not a foreign substance. 

The Science Behind It

The National Institutes of Health website cites several articles from peer-reviewed medical journals on studies of the PRP procedure. You may go to their site and read the numerous peer reviewed studies showing efficacy of this procedure and safety of this procedure.

There are also numerous studies available, at your request, that demonstrate the efficacy of PRP treatment on rejuvenation of injuries, aging and damaged skin as well as hair restoration and rejuvenation which we also perform at our clinic.

How We Work?

At De Vries Cosmetic Centre we pride ourselves on bringing the most cutting edge technology to our clients in the Las Vegas area. Your treatment will begin with a very small amount of blood drawn and then put in a centrifuge. This blood is then spun to separate the cells and we use your own platelets and micro-needling to deliver them deep inside the dermis of your skin, or the live part of your skin (the visible skin is comprised of dead skin cells). The platelets contain growth factors that rejuvenate and repair damage from sun-damage, ageing, pigmentation and crepey skin as well as scars, be them acne or injury scars.

We have a proprietary treatment protocol that combines PRP facial rejuvenation with a two-pronged aftercare approach to maximize benefits of the procedure once you have left and gone home. We have found this integrated approach to work better than stand alone PRP as is customarily done at other clinics. You will leave our clinic with a facial mask as well products that we have put together for aftercare that will give you the best result on the market.
To get more information about PRP  services at De Vries Cosmetic Centre please contact us for your free no obligation consultation. As always De Vries Cosmetic Centre strives to bring only the best services to our Las Vegas area clients, call today.

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