Dysport is a paralytic that is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face caused by repetitive muscle movements and facial expressions. Like Botox, it is a neurotoxin that is made from a substance found in nature called Botulinum Toxin. When injected under the skin, Dysport blocks the nerve signals to the muscles that cause the wrinkles on your face and temporarily relaxes them. This allows the existing wrinkles to smooth away and slows the appearance of new ones.

Like Botox, Dysport is most effective at treating lines and wrinkles on the top half of the face, such as the “eleven lines” between your brows, and lines and creases on your forehead and around your eyes. Dysport’s different formula and structure, however, a
llows it to diffuse more than Botox. This makes it slightly better at treating larger areas or areas with thinner muscles, such as the worry lines on the forehead or the crow’s feet around the eyes.

Most patients begin to see improvements within a week, although it may take up to 2 weeks for the full effects to be visible. Dysport results generally last about 4 to 6 months, and follow up treatments will be necessary to maintain your results.

About De Vries Cosmetic Centre

We are proud to offer Dysport injections at our clinic in Las Vegas, NV. As with all of our injectable treatments, we are focused on providing you with a “natural look”. During your first appointment, we will discuss what sort of results you want from your Dysport treatment and help you to come up with a treatment plan that can give you subtle but beautiful results.

We also work hard to make sure your treatment is comfortable and as pain free as possible. Here at De Vries Cosmetic Center, we perform all of our injections with microcannulas designed to provide you with the most comfort. We also can apply an anesthetic or numbing agent to the treatment area before your injection if you would like.

If you are ready to start on your Dysport treatment or still have questions, contact us today to set up your consultation. Don’t wait another day to get the smooth and youthful looking skin you’ve been dreaming of!
To get more information about Dysport services at De Vries Cosmetic Centre please contact us for your free no obligation consultation. As always De Vries Cosmetic Centre strives to bring only the best services to our Las Vegas area clients, call today.

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