Corrective Peels

Corrective Peels

What Are Corrective Peels?

Corrective peels are peels used in medical aesthetics to correct deeper skin issues that are not too bad to require surgical intervention, but that require anything ranging from light, to moderate to serious skin issues. The most superficial peels address the more superficial issues, the moderate peels address the more moderate issues, such as acne prone skin, mild sun damage and/or discoloration, and the deeper peels, of which we do perform ablative peels, are medical in nature and will require downtime and address far more serious issues such as scars, major discoloration, deep pigment and sun damage as well as deeper non-dynamic (not caused by muscle) wrinkling.

What Can It Do?

The lighter peels can simply turn you into a radiant you immediately after treatment. These are considered light peels and include glycolic peels, lactic acid peels, mandelic acid peels, and many more. The moderate peels often are combination peels done after your skin has been prepared by a series of treatments to enable your skin to be in optimal form to receive and recover from the peel in minimal time. The deepest peels are considered medical procedures and only carried out by medically qualified staff, the deepest of which is a multi layered TCA/Jessner peel that can be as deep as ablative CO2 if needed. Phenol peels are not used by our clinic or most professional clinics as the risk to the heart and need to monitor the patient is too risky and we have better alternatives today.

How We Work?

We carefully have our lead aesthetician look at your face or other area you are considering a peel on and determine what you need. In most cases our aestheticians are licensed to do these peels but by Nevada law must call them “chemical exfoliations”, which is what most light peels are. The deeper peels are done only by trained medical staff and will be done as a medical procedure. The deeper peels can penetrate as far as the “papillary dermis” or “live skin” leaving your dead skin, which is the skin you see every day, as a sort of bandage over your now improved skin. 

You will feel a moderate amount of pain, though we do minimize this, and after that subsides you will feel a moderate sensation of being sun burned. You will likely swell, depending how deep we go, and we will advise you not to pick at the skin as it first turns brown, like a deep tan, then slowly sloughs off revealing new, younger, more radiant and less flawed skin. Keep in mind most peels are not this deep and require little to no down time, the deepest of our peels, which are medical grade, will require downtime due to swelling and peeling though most patients feel confident to go about their daily activities within hours or at the most a day.
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