Body Skin Rejuvenation

Body Skin Rejuvenation

Depending on your needs and your issues we have several different methods of rejuvenating (tightening) your body skin. 

We have all tried creams and lotions and heard buzzwords like Vitamin C, retinol, sunscreen and even eating right, as with the Perricone Diet (which for the record I am a strong proponent of this diet for retaining and maintaining youthful skin). The bottom line though is that few things work, not even Crepe Erase or Beverly Hills MD’s crepe skin products. There are certain things on the market, mostly humectants (these literally attract water to the skin to create the appearance of a plumped out skin and therefore less crepe skin or wrinkles). Common humectants include, but are not limited to, triethylene glycol, tripropylene glycol, propylene glycol, and PPGs. Other popular humectants in cosmetics include glycerin, sorbitol (sugar alcohol), hexylene and butylene glycol, urea, and collagen. Red palm oil is also quite popular and works slightly differently as does hydrafirm and niacinamide creams or gels.
At present we are working on a body moisturizer that we hope can make claims that will be substantiated and successfully improve the integrity of the skin on the body. 

Why is the body skin so important as opposed to the facial skin? Quite simply we can do a lot more with a face than we can with a body. The face for one has many areas we can hide scars and manually tighten the skin by surgically excising excess skin and hiding scars at the hairline, behind the ears, in a neck crease, to name but a few, they become more intricate every day. Furthermore the face is among the most vascular (has a great blood supply) parts of your body and is therefore quite forgiving. We can use CO2 lasers (and personally to me the results of fully ablative CO2, not Fractional CO2, are unrivalled in terms of skin integrity rejuvenation) and despite going down to your papillary dermis-just about the deepest we can go without reaching the underlying fat and bone, we can expect to see extensive skin remodeling, increased collagen, elastin and though erythema will be present as will some degree of pigment loss, your skin will heal well, more youthful and also with none of the superficial flaws, like sun spots, freckles and other superficial lesions, that are typical of aged skin. 

So with the body what are our options? The number one option really is thermal transfer, In heating the dermal layers or deeper skin layers, typically with laser as we do at De Vries Cosmetic Centre, we stimulate a similar effect as the CO2 ablative does to the face without superficial damage. Just to be certain there is no misunderstanding, we will still not have removed the imperfections, this we can use superficial peels and laser or IPL to do, but we get a similar, though not as effective, result as with ablative and semi ablative facial procedures. This is by far not as good as with the aforementioned procedures for the face, but it is better than scars all over the body from cutting and lifting skin, which many doctors will do with somewhat acceptable to horrific results. 

So for skin tightening, including post-partum, weight loss, stretch marks and general ageing body skin, thermal transfer is the preferred method we use. This is, however, not the only method of tightening body skin. Increasingly you will find clinics willing to use Fractional CO2 on the skin of the neck, hands, arms, knees, décolletage and many other body areas. This is very effective though again not as effective as complete ablative CO2-about 70% of all doctors out there will disagree with these comments but I encourage them to send in their real results of an ablative side and a fractional side and it will be clear complete ablative CO2 is superior.
An older, but in my opinion even more effective body skin rejuvenation method, is phenol peels. You will rarely find these anymore due to the cardiac dangers posed by these peels, but they are extremely effective if done by a very skilled team. Likewise other deep peels, some of which we use on some areas of the body, are effective and more or less can achieve a pretty good resurfacing, for example a Jessner peel with three layers of 30% TCA will essentially resurface skin.
Up and coming, in addition to new laser technology and thermal technologies, is of course PRP (platelet rich plasma) which can be performed with micro-needling anywhere on the body with a fairly decent result in texture and tone. Micro-needling itself is very effective in rejuvenating skin in various areas of the body and particularly good on stretch marks, scars and acne scars. 

For us to adequately evaluate your skin, feel free to come in for your complimentary consultation and let us get your skin back to the age you feel you are, life is short but youth doesn’t have to be.
To get more information about Body Skin Rejuvenation  services at De Vries Cosmetic Centre please contact us for your free no obligation consultation. As always De Vries Cosmetic Centre strives to bring only the best services to our Las Vegas area clients, call today.

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