Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Why Ultrasound?

In doing my own research and having worked with many machines, often trying them on myself or being treated with them by the sales representatives or trainers for the various machines, I chose to go with QuantaShape, which is Italian made ultrasound technology. I am not a fan of the other devices on the market for a number of reasons. Firstly, do they deliver? The short answer is to some degree. Freezing fat or destroying it with various other technologies like RF (radio frequency) is not optimal in my opinion. I find with freezing the result is not even, with RF you feel like a hot iron is being placed on you and the number of treatments needed to achieve what you want is just not something I feel is fair to the patient. Our technology, QuantaShape, was chosen by me because I find it to be most effective and least painful.

How Does It Work?

Ultrasound is a highly targeted technology that uses ultrasound to comfortably heat and target the bad fat, not the good fat. The targeting itself is what I see as one of the most effective and most impressive benefits I believe to exist on the market today. As opposed to other devices ultrasound technology targets certain fat-bad fat, and obliterates it. Unlike other devices, we do not let the fat sit in your body and decide if it is going to stick around or get washed out by your body’s cleansing system, we actively do this as part of the treatment and part of the machine. We prepare you by manually and mechanically-so with our hands in the face and behind the knees, and with the machine in the inguinal (groin) and axillary (armpit) areas, open up your lymph system so you will wash away the fat we destroy. The cellulite treatments are not as straightforward and to date nothing permanently gets rid of cellulite. What this machine does is after a series of treatments, the cellulite is about 80-95% gone visibly and then you just come in for maintenance every month or two, depending on the severity you started with.

How We Work?

We work very quickly and painlessly. We assess the areas you see as being problem areas and promptly get to work to treat these areas. Unlike any other system out there you will probably remember the conversation you have with your QuantaShape technician more than you will remember the treatment. Though we heat up to 45 degrees centigrade/Celsius, which is quite high, approximately 113 degrees Fahrenheit, you will only feel mild warmth, certainly not the burn of RF (radio frequency) machines or the freeze of the legendary CoolSculpt and related technologies. You will likely feel relaxed and most people see an immediate difference even after one treatment. Our goal is to make you happy.
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