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About Us


In an always evolving industry we are setting out to go where nobody has gone before, to do what nobody has done before, we are setting out to beautify and rejuvenate in the least invasive ways possible with a series of unconventional and complimentary treatments coupled with advanced and unique existing technologies.
Whether we peel you, permanently remove your hair with a GUARANTEED HAIR REMOVAL PACKAGE, or rejuvenate you, turning back the facial and body skin, from veins to acne, from hair to sun damage, freckles and benign lesions, or just hydrate your skin and plump you up our proprietary treatments are not going to be found anywhere else.

The story of how we began is very simple-I noted a complete lack of integrating protocols and use of full body rejuvenation to achieve a result that was satisfying, comfortable and results driven with less downtime, longer duration and more comfort than what is currently offered.

We did not go the traditional routes. I researched each and every piece of equipment we needed and each and every treatment we would offer and configured a manner to treat all patients in the most relaxed, comfortable and most effective and integrated manner on the market.
Some examples is our use of a hyperbaric chamber and our hydra-facial and body work, done with dermabrasion for deeper penetration. Our peels are custom done for you, not generic to choose from but determined at time of treatment with your desired outcomes in mind. We have a team who knows how to utilize the best of all technologies and little used technologies to rival anything on the market today.

Our goal is not to rob you and make you come back constantly, but to achieve a result and maintain it, building a long-term relationship and then only when necessary discussing surgical options; which is a last resort.

As owner I am pleased to bring my staff and these services to you and it is my goal to revolutionize the aesthetic field, not only in Las Vegas, but a revolution in how we treat patients so as to offer a result driven approach without bank-breaking prices and without excessive down time or discomfort.

We are here to serve you and your satisfaction is going to be the key and the only gauge of our success.

Alexis De Vries
Owner and Clinical Director


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-we have all heard that, but it is a cliché and beauty is in our eyes, in our minds, and in the feedback we get from the world around us. This may sound superficial but this is a fact of life. There is a science of beauty, this you can read more about in our blog section. 

There is also the radiance of beauty, which is reflected in how you feel about yourself; this too you can read about in our blog section. I opened De Vries Cosmetic Centre because I felt like the integration of aesthetic medicine with non-invasive procedures as well as wellness and general preventive procedures lacked in many areas, foremost I noted that most Cosmetic Centres and Medical Spas would deal with the face and keeping it young and relaxation only, with the exception of some degree of body treatments. I believe and hold strong, that the entire body and face must be treated to attain beautification and rejuvenation.

All of the people who work with me, I do not say people work FOR me because we are a team, have dealt with their own personal struggles and insecurities, in fact this is how many have come to work in this industry. It is my goal and hope to bring a thorough offering that deals with beautification and age reversal from the inside out as well as treating the entire body. 

I am so accustomed to seeing $60,000 faces and decrepit bodies that it actually saddens me. I also am tired of seeing over-filled faces (pillow face) and hearing of the extraordinary amounts people have paid for what I consider minor procedures. I do not aim to be a “cheap” solution for anything, I aim to be a reasonably priced solution, competitive in our marketplace that gives an extremely personalized experience and personalized attention to every client/patient and their needs, be it teen acne or removal of unwanted hair or complete reversal of as much aging as we can. 

We treat everyone for all imaginable beauty woes and all cosmetic issues, what we do not treat we will refer out to reputable and vetted providers. We are NOT a surgical clinic, this is a cosmetic clinic primarily with only minimally invasive procedures, off-site we do offer referrals and also treat some cosmetic “aesthetic” issues. Our goal is maintenance and use of technology to treat each patient. 

Unlike our competition we stand by our work and I offer my own personal telephone number so you may reach me 24 hours a day to voice any concerns or in the event of an emergency.

The goal of our centre is to revolutionize the industry and treat 100% of you with dignity, respect and professionalism that is unrivaled. 
To get more information about us please contact us for your free no obligation consultation. As always De Vries Cosmetic Centre strives to bring only the best services to our Las Vegas area clients, call today.

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